Mary Casey

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BACKGROUND AND RATIONALE Nurses are increasingly engaging in action research projects to improve aspects of nursing practice, education and management and contribute to the development of the profession. Action research involves opportunistic planned interventions in real time situations and a study of those interventions as they occur, which in turn(More)
AIM Key factors of successful interorganizational partnerships are applied to the context of nursing and midwifery education. BACKGROUND Reports in nursing education emphasize the need for more collaborative partnerships between the education and healthcare sectors of nursing and midwifery education. EVALUATION There is little research examining the(More)
AIMS To describe Irish nurses' views of clinical leadership and to describe their clinical leadership development needs. BACKGROUND Nurses are often unclear about the precise nature of clinical leadership and its impact on the processes and outcomes of care and little is known about their self-perceived clinical leadership development needs. DESIGN(More)
AIM This paper is a report of a descriptive study of nurses' and midwives' clinical leadership development needs. BACKGROUND Nurses and midwives are expected to fulfil a leadership role at all levels, yet efforts to strategically support them are often unfocused. An analysis of clinical leadership development needs can provide the foundation for(More)
Owners of small manufacturing businesses from twelve industrial sectors (n=40) participated in focus groups. They most frequently read trade and local business publications; few regularly read or receive health and safety materials. They select business-related materials that are specific to their business, give them new ideas, or have information that is(More)
INTRODUCTION This paper describes a framework to facilitate collaboration between hospitals and third level universities and colleges in Ireland. The move to higher education for nurses and midwives in Europe heralded the development of partnership between organisations that provide nursing education. There is an increased risk of exacerbation of the(More)
A national clinical leadership development programme was instituted for Irish nurses and midwives in 2010. Incorporating a development framework and leadership pathway and a range of bespoke interventions for leadership development, including workshops, action-learning sets, mentoring and coaching, the programme was introduced at seven pilot sites in the(More)
From the point of view of a document examiner, the advent of the Correcting Selectric typewriter has not changed any of the procedures ordinarily used in the examination of altered typewritten material. The same precautions should be observed in conducting examinations of such material as would be observed in making examinations for any other type of(More)