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Integrated environmental modeling (IEM) represents a new paradigm, inspired by modern environmental problems, decisions, and policies and enabled by transdisciplinary science and computer capabilities that allow the environment to be considered in a fundamentally different way. The problems are characterized by the extent of the geo-ecological system(More)
Keywords: Markov Chain Monte Carlo UCODE_2014 Bayesian uncertainty analysis a b s t r a c t This work develops a new functionality in UCODE_2014 to evaluate Bayesian credible intervals using the Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method. The MCMC capability in UCODE_2014 is based on the FORTRAN version of the differential evolution adaptive Metropolis (DREAM)(More)
Using one- and two-dimensional homogeneous simulations, this paper addresses challenges associated with sensitivity analysis and parameter estimation for virus transport simulated using sorptive-reactive processes. Head, flow, and conservative- and virus-transport observations are considered. The paper examines the use of (1) observed-value weighting, (2)(More)
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