Mary C Herrera

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UNLABELLED The aim of the present study was to investigate diagnostic delay in oral cancer (OC) in two diagnosis centers in Córdoba, Argentina. Special attention was paid to the role of the patient and the professional in the diagnostic delay. METHODS Seventy clinical records of patients with newly diagnosed oral squamous cell carcinoma were included. (More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Bile acids have previously been used as shuttles for directing organic drugs to the liver. The aim of this study was to investigate liver transport and biotransformation of a new cytostatic bioinorganic complex (Bamet-H2), that was obtained by binding platinum(II) to two cholylglycinate moieties. METHODS Using rat hepatocytes in primary(More)
BACKGROUND The liver organotropic properties of the new bioinorganic complex of platinum (II) and glycocholic acid, Bamet-H2 have been reported previously. The aim of this work was to investigate the in vitro cytostatic activity of this compound. MATERIALS AND METHODS The inhibition of cell growth and DNA synthesis by mouse leukemia L-1210 (mL), mouse(More)
Effect of bile acids on DNA synthesis by the regenerating liver was investigated in mice in vivo after partial hepatectomy (PH). Radioactivity incorporation into DNA after [14C]thymidine intraperitoneal administration peaked at 48 h after PH. At this time a significant taurocholate-induced dose-dependent reduction in DNA synthesis without changes in total(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to use coronary computed tomographic (CT) angiography to characterize coronary artery involvement in patients with known Takayasu arteritis who present with anginal chest pain or shortness of breath. BACKGROUND Takayasu arteritis is a primary vasculitis of the large vessels, which mainly affects the aorta and its(More)
A clinico-epidemiologic survey on cutaneous leishmaniasis, due to Leishmania panamensis, was carried out on 961 persons in two study areas of the Pacific coast of Ecuador, to estimate the prevalence and the incidence of the disease. In the preandean hills, at Paraiso Escondido, the prevalence of active lesions was 4.8%; in the hills of the coastal(More)
Liver cell proliferation is a complex process that can be affected by a large number of factors such as bile acids, which have been reported to be associated to the pathogenesis of liver cancer. In this work, bile acid-induced modifications in DNA synthesis by regenerating perfused rat liver were investigated. Two-thirds hepatectomy was carried out 24 hr(More)
Experiments on the relationship between the hepatocellular transport of endogenous or exogenously loaded bile acids (sodium taurocholate, TC, 0.5 mumol/min/100 g body wt) and horseradish peroxidase (HRP) or immunoglobulin A (IgA) (0.5 mg/100 g body wt) were carried out on anaesthetized Wistar rats. The time course of HRP excretion into bile (acceleration in(More)
The liver and kidney collaborate in the excretion of the cytostatic drug, cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(II) (cisplatin) from the body. Enhancement of this process is envisaged as a way of reducing cisplatin toxicity, thus allowing increases in the doses administered. In this sense, using different compounds, several attempts have been made to enhance(More)