Mary C Catanese

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Dopamine signaling modulates voluntary movement and reward-driven behaviors by acting through G protein-coupled receptors in striatal neurons, and defects in dopamine signaling underlie Parkinson's disease and drug addiction. Despite the importance of understanding how dopamine modifies the activity of striatal neurons to control basal ganglia output, the(More)
We present evidence for the Ðrst detection of gamma rays from the extragalactic object BL Lacertae. Observations taken with EGRET on the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory between 1995 January 24 and 1995 February 14 indicate a 4.4 p excess from the direction of BL Lacertae. The corresponding Ñux is (40 ^ 12) ] 10~8 photons cm~2 s~1 above 100 MeV. The(More)
Estrogenic endocrine disrupting chemicals have been shown to disrupt maternal behavior in rodents. We investigated the effects of an emerging xenoestrogen, bisphenol S (BPS), on maternal behavior and brain in CD-1 mice exposed during pregnancy and lactation (F0 generation) and in female offspring exposed during gestation and perinatal development (F1(More)
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