Mary C. Blanksma

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We report the crystal structure of the middle domain of the Pob3 subunit (Pob3-M) of S. cerevisiae FACT (yFACT, facilitates chromatin transcription), which unexpectedly adopts an unusual double pleckstrin homology (PH) architecture. A mutation within a conserved surface cluster in this domain causes a defect in DNA replication that is suppressed by mutation(More)
FACT has been proposed to function by displacing H2A-H2B dimers from nucleosomes to form hexasomes. Results described here with yeast FACT (yFACT) suggest instead that nucleosomes are reorganized to a form with the original composition but a looser, more dynamic structure. First, yFACT enhances hydroxyl radical accessibility and endonuclease digestion in(More)
Carbon monoxide dehydrogenase/acetyl-CoA synthase (CODH/ACS) utilizes a unique Ni-M bimetallic site in the biosynthesis of acetyl-CoA, where a square-planar Ni ion is coordinated to two thiolates and two deprotonated amides in a Cys-Gly-Cys motif. The identity of M is currently a matter of debate, although both Cu and Ni have been proposed. In an effort to(More)
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