Mary Bowerman

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  • Mary Bowerman
  • Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society…
  • 1994
Attempts to explain children's grammatical development often assume a close initial match between units of meaning and units of form; for example, agents are said to map to sentence-subjects and actions to verbs. The meanings themselves, according to this view, are not influenced by language, but reflect children's universal non-linguistic way of(More)
Acknowledgements We are grateful to Street for providing us with information about their research on benchmarking. Jon Sussex, Adrian Towse and three referees commented on earlier versions of this paper, suggesting many improvements. We accept full responsibility for the views expressed in the paper and for any errors that remain. About CMPO and the authors(More)
Global increases in consumption of chemical nutrients, application of pesticides, and water withdrawal to enhance agricultural yield have resulted in degraded water quality and reduced water availability. Efforts to safeguard or improve environmental conditions of agroecosystems have usually focused on managing on-farm activities to reduce materials loss(More)
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