Mary Beth Saffo

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Symbiosis, the intimate association between two or more organisms, is a fundamental component of biological systems. Our ability to understand the processes involved in the establishment and function of Symbiosis has critical consequences for the health of humans and the world we live in. For example, a deeper understanding of how legumes and insects have(More)
Research on symbiosis (including antagonistic and mutualistic associations) wrestles, directly or indirectly, with the paradox: why are symbiotic associations so prevalent in the biosphere in the face of ubiquitous immune or antibiotic defenses among organisms? The symposium "Living Together: the Dynamics of Symbiotic Interactions" considered several(More)
This paper review current knowledge concerning the identity of Nephromyces, a collection of fungus-like cells found in the renal sac of all molgulid tunicates thus far examined. The following has been demonstrated: (1) The cells called Nephromyces do exist, and are not produced by their tunicate hosts, but are something foreign to these animals. (2) Many(More)
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