Mary Beth Mercer

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PURPOSE The goal of the computer program Adjuvant! is to allow health professionals and their patients with early breast cancer to make more informed decisions about adjuvant therapy. METHODS Actuarial analysis was used to project outcomes of patients with and without adjuvant therapy based on estimates of prognosis largely derived from Surveillance,(More)
OBJECTIVES Women in impoverished inner-city neighborhoods are at high risk for contracting HIV. A randomized, multisite community-level HIV prevention trial was undertaken with women living in 18 low-income housing developments in 5 US cities. METHODS Baseline and 12-month follow-up population risk characteristics were assessed by surveying 690 women at(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of this study is to examine the reasoning behind donation decisions of donor-eligible patients' next-of-kin. Cases were identified through chart review at hospitals in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Family decision makers of donor-eligible patients (N = 420) were interviewed to understand decisions regarding organ donation. METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND There is marked ethnic or racial disparity in the utilization of joint replacement for osteoarthritis. The reasons are not known. Pain is the reason most patients with osteoarthritis seek care. Cultural and psychosocial factors influence how patients experience and express pain. We examined whether patient descriptions of chronic pain vary by(More)
Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) offers pregnant women a new risk assessment tool for fetal aneuploidy that is superior to conventional screening tests. We conducted focus groups with women who were currently pregnant or had recently delivered in the past year to characterize their perspectives about NIPT and to explore factors they would consider during(More)
BACKGROUND Candidates for specialty drugs, the fastest growing and costliest pharmaceuticals, typically originate with primary care referrals. However, little is known about what drives such referrals-especially for large populations such as short, otherwise normal children (idiopathic short stature). Recent expanded approval of growth hormone (GH) makes(More)
BACKGROUND Melanoma is external and potentially detectable by many persons but little is known about who first discovers these lesions. An understanding of discovery patterns can shape future public and professional education programs. OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to assess patterns of melanoma discovery and to determine the patients' role in finding their(More)
OBJECTIVES This study describes the prevalence and predictors of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) risk behaviors among women living in low-income, inner-city housing developments. METHODS Anonymous questionnaires were administered to 671 women living in 10 inner-city, low-income housing developments in five US cities to determine their levels of HIV(More)
CONTEXT Families' understanding of brain death may be a factor that contributes to decisions regarding organ donation. OBJECTIVE To examine factors related to families' understanding of brain death and how those factors affect families' decisions about organ donation. DESIGN Chart reviews were conducted on all deceased patients at 9 trauma hospitals.(More)