Mary Beth Dail

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Paraoxonase (PON1) is a calcium dependent enzyme that is capable of hydrolyzing organophosphate anticholinesterases. PON1 activity is present in most mammals and previous research established that PON1 activity differs depending on the species. These studies mainly used the organophosphate substrate paraoxon, the active metabolite of the insecticide(More)
Paraoxonase (PON1) hydrolyzes paraoxon (PO) and diazoxon (DZO), active metabolites of insecticides parathion and diazinon. The PON1 gene has single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) including a codon 192 arginine (R) to glutamine (Q) and methionine (M) to leucine (L) at codon 55. Hydrolysis of PO (POase), DZO (DZOase), dihydrocoumarin (lactonase), and phenyl(More)
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