Mary Belle Harris

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This study concerned obesity from the perspective of 47 women and 8 men who considered themselves overweight. They responded to a questionnaire about various aspects of motivation to lose weight, knowledge about obesity, and personal and societal attitudes toward the obese. Although they reduced calorie intake and increased exercise when trying to lose(More)
In order to assess the relationships of stereotypes of obesity and of self perceptions to age, sex, ethnicity and weight, 447 adults and children varying in sex, ethnic background and weight rated 12 line drawings of people who varied in age, sex and weight, as well as giving self ratings on similar scales. The normal weight stimuli, compared with the fat(More)
Three experiments were conducted to discover factors mediating adults' perceptions of male and female infants. In the first experiment, college students were shown 30-s videotapes of four male and four female babies, each of whom was randomly labeled with a male or a female name. Infants labeled as male were perceived as significantly more masculine and(More)