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In biochemical studies of insect metamorphosis, much attention has been given to the deposition and utilization of nutrient reserves, and it has been inferred that insects may carry out net conversion of fat into carbohydrate (cf. Deuel & Morehouse, 1946; Buck, 1953; Chauvin, 1956). Since vertebrate animals are not at present known to possess any pathway(More)
SLC2A8, also known as GLUT8, is a facilitative glucose transporter expressed in the testis, brain, liver, heart, uterus, ovary, and fat. In this study we examined the effect of Slc2a8 deficiency on mouse gamete, preimplantation embryo, and implantation phenotype, as well as postnatal growth and physiology. For this model, the transcriptional start site and(More)
Assessment of chitinase kinetics and mechanism in vitro has been hampered by lack of suitable substrates. We have previously reported rapid linear initial chitinase velocity with chitin substrate isolated from insect larval cuticle. Such chitin is shown to be fibrous in the light microscope. Methods are described for preparing fibrous chitins from any(More)