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1 1 Src Binds Cortactin Through a SH2 Domain Cystine-mediated Linkage 2 3 4 Jason V. Evans, Amanda G. Ammer, John E. Jett, Chris A. Bolcato, Jason C. Breaux, 5 Karen H. Martin, Mark V. Culp, Peter M. Gannett, and Scott A. Weed 6 Departments of Neurobiology and Anatomy, Program in Cancer Cell Biology, Mary Babb 7 Randolph Cancer Center 8 Department of(More)
Clinical studies on MET-targeting cancer therapeutics have yielded mixed results in recent years, and MET-relevant predictive biomarkers remain elusive. New studies now reveal MET ex14 alternative splicing aberrations to represent potential predictive cancer genomic biomarker, hence renewing optimism and directions in the quest for optimized MET-targeting(More)
Thesis: Conformational changes in the surface glycoproteins E1/E2 of Sindbis virus upon attachment and penetration. Research Environment-I recruited a team of junior faculty and senior faculty to obtain a P20 CoBRE grant for the Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center. This $22M grant enabled us to provide research funding for 5 junior faculty members and mentor(More)
This is the official guideline endorsed by the specialty associations involved in the care of head and neck cancer patients in the UK. It identifies the current evidence base and role of health-related quality of life assessment for this group of patients. Recommendations • Health-related quality of life is integral to treatment planning, refining treatment(More)
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