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Many current popular weight-loss diets advocate restricting carbohydrates, but risks and benefits of these diets for patients with diabetes is unclear. We searched for articles published in English between 1980 and April 2006 regarding carbohydrate-restricted diets that included and reported separate results for adult, nonpregnant patients with type 2(More)
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Fiber optic sensor application opportunities for aerospace propulsion systems is the next frontier for improving aerospace instrumentation. Todays jet engine sensors are expensvie, have high temperature and harsh environment limitations, are bulky, heavy in weight, complex and time consuming to install. Other sensor concerns are electromagnetic interference(More)
Primary care providers may encounter infants and children with Hirschsprung disease, a congenital colonic defect. Although primarily a surgical problem, the disease requires extensive supportive care and a multidisciplinary approach that often extends beyond surgical correction. This article reviews the management of Hirschsprung disease.
We would like to report the results of a pilot study that we undertook to evaluate the risk of hypoglycemia in patients with diabetes on antidiabetic medications because of the repeated calls from our laboratory reporting critical glucose results, typically after patients who had come earlier for blood tests had already left the laboratory. We have become(More)
Wireless devices provide flexible solutions for industrial instrumentation applications, such as quality control of manufacture of jet engines. In this context, the dominant issues are providing high-throughput, and reliability in the sense of not losing samples due to buffer overflow at the wireless devices. A random medium access control (MAC) scheme,(More)
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