Mary Anne Sedney

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The grief process in bereaved children is conceptualized as a series of psychological tasks that must be accomplished over time. Early tasks include understanding and self-protection; middle-phase tasks include acceptance and reworking; late tasks pertain to identification and development. This timing model has practical implications for the conduct of(More)
Children's grief narratives in popular films were examined for their portrayal of connection-maintaining strategies with the deceased. Comparisons were made between strategies found in actual parentally bereaved children and in child characters in films. Implications of these filmed grief narratives for models of grieving and for practice are discussed.
  • M A Sedney
  • 1985
Conceptions of femininity and masculinity in women who were college freshmen, in their midtwenties, midthirties, and midforties were examined with open-ended questions. Responses were analyzed from the perspective of the hypothesis that these conceptions change over the adult years, becoming more complex with age. Support for this hypothesis was found as(More)
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