Mary Anne Patton

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As in traditional commerce, parties to a contract in ebusiness environments are expected to operate in good faith and comply with mutually agreed terms of contract. It may be the case however that deviation from the agreed contract obligations occur either intentionally or due to force majeure. In this paper we argue that there is value in providing various(More)
Whilst access to respite care has been found to represent an important source of support for terminally ill patients and their families, the availability of these services to Indigenous Australians has to date remained undocumented. This potential need for respite in Indigenous communities was explored as part of a National Health and Medical Research(More)
Although the incidence of cancer in Indigenous peoples is similar to its incidence in the overall Australian population, Indigenous peoples are less likely to access early detection and medical interventions resulting in higher mortality and morbidity rates. To explore and address this discrepancy, the National Health and Medical Research Council funded a(More)
Lack of consumer trust in e-commerce merchants, e-commerce technology, and the social, financial and legal infrastructures of the e-commerce environment, poses a major challenge to the large-scale uptake of business to consumer e-commerce. Most traditional cues for assessing trust in the physical world are not available online. This paper gives an overview(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore communication issues faced by health care workers and Indigenous patients and their families in a palliative care setting. Effective communication with Aborigines is especially important because Aboriginal beliefs of health and sickness are so different from Western views. METHOD Data were collected from 72 qualitative interviews(More)
BACKGROUND The only survival and mortality data on a general population of transfused patients in the United States is more than two decades old. More contemporary data are needed to reflect more current patient populations and transfusion practices. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS Data were extracted from Constella Health Strategies Sciences' managed-care(More)
To authenticate something in the Internet is to verify that its identity is as claimed. Unless the identity itself is meaningful and the user is presented with evidence to support the claim of identity there can be no authentication. Many efforts to implement authentication seem to forget this and only focus on the cryptographic authentication mechanisms.(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine a subgroup of severely injured patients spending > or = 3 weeks in the intensive care unit (ICU) and to determine their disposition and eventual functional outcome. METHODS A retrospective review of our trauma registry and medical records over a 7-year period (January of 1991 to December of 1997) identified 115 patients with ICU(More)
OBJECTIVES The findings are drawn from a 2-year research project, funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), which aimed to develop an innovative model for Indigenous palliative care. The findings presented in this article explore one important strategy for putting Aboriginal families and their communities at the centre of the(More)