Mary Anne P Salmon

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Smokers requesting self-help materials for smoking cessation (N = 2,021) were randomized to receive (a) an experimental self-quitting guide emphasizing nicotine fading and other nonaversive behavioral strategies, (b) the same self-quitting guide with a support guide for the quitter's family and friends, (c) self-quitting and support guides along with four(More)
A sample of adult Black policyholders of the nation's largest Black-owned life insurance company was surveyed in 1986 to add to limited data on smoking and quitting patterns among Black Americans, and to provide direction for cessation initiatives targeted to Black smokers. Forty per cent of 2,958 age-eligible policyholders for whom current addresses were(More)
This study examines resource data for a variety of services in North Carolina's continuum of care for older adults. It qualifies the widespread contention that older adults in urban areas receive a greater number and more varied services than their rural counterparts. It also demonstrates that one of the most important differences between these communities(More)
A nine-year-old girl with symmetrical acral deformities and anomalies of the renal tract is described. There have been four previous reports of this association, all in phenotypic males. In each case there was moderate intellectual retardation and in two cases dermatoglyphic analysis revealed abnormalities. It is suggested that there is now sufficient(More)
  • M A Salmon
  • 1972
A case of Russell's diencephalic syndrome of early childhood is presented and the world literature reviewed. Assays of serum growth hormone (HGH) and fat mobilizing substance (FMS) were performed and gave very abnormal results. The role of these two substances is discussed and their value in the diagnosis of this syndrome is emphasized.