Mary Anne P Salmon

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A sample of adult Black policyholders of the nation's largest Black-owned life insurance company was surveyed in 1986 to add to limited data on smoking and quitting patterns among Black Americans, and to provide direction for cessation initiatives targeted to Black smokers. Forty per cent of 2,958 age-eligible policyholders for whom current addresses were(More)
Smokers requesting self-help materials for smoking cessation (N = 2,021) were randomized to receive (a) an experimental self-quitting guide emphasizing nicotine fading and other nonaversive behavioral strategies, (b) the same self-quitting guide with a support guide for the quitter's family and friends, (c) self-quitting and support guides along with four(More)
The Community Connections initiative provides an example of building collaboration and partnerships across traditional boundaries--public-private, medical home, and community-based services--to improve care transitions and support for older adults and adults with disabilities. This approach was inspired by the self-governance and community engagement model,(More)
This account by James Stephens (1912) of no less than six male leprechauns seen simultaneously has not been improved upon, for the medical literature to date includes descriptive accounts of only five examples of the rare syndrome of leprechaunism, and only one of these is male. Leprechaunism was first described by Donohue (1948) and later by Donohue and(More)