Mary Anne Kennan

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In this paper, we respond to five rebuttals to Kingsley and Kennan (2015). Four researchers in the information systems field and a university library director of research infrastructure provided these rebuttals. Almost without exception, the rebuttals from the information systems researchers take an analytical approach to the question of scholarly(More)
STUDY DESIGN Radiographic and histologic analyses of commercially available bone graft materials were performed. OBJECTIVE To compare the osteoinductive efficacy of commercially available demineralized bone matrix material. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA The relative in vivo bone formation and toxicology of the nonallograft components the make up various(More)
Developments in network technologies, scholarly communication, and national policy are challenging academic libraries to find new ways to engage with research communities in the economic downturn. Librarians are responding with service innovations in areas such as bibliometrics and research data management. Previous surveys have investigated research data(More)
This paper provides the first full description of the status of Australian institutional repositories. Australia presents an interesting case because of the government’s support of institutional repositories and open access. A survey of all 39 Australian universities conducted in September 2008 shows that 32 institutions have active repositories and by end(More)
This paper reports the findings of an exploratory study of 395 library job advertisements in Australia and the USA from August to October 2004. To investigate similarities and differences between the two countries’ data we conducted a content analysis and co-word analysis of professional job ads from academic, public and special libraries. Interpersonal(More)
This article explores issues associated with giving non-human actors a voice of their own in actor-network theory based research. What issues arise in doing so? Does doing so increase understanding of the issue to hand, bring to life and make more accessible and interesting the stories of these actors? Or does this anthropomorphism detract from the issues(More)