Mary-Anne Collis

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BACKGROUND Amplified DNA probes provide powerful tools for the detection of infectious diseases, cancer, and genetic diseases. Commercially available amplification systems suffer from low throughput and require decontamination schemes, significant hands-on time, and specially trained laboratory staff. Our objective was to develop a DNA probe system to(More)
Although there have been numerous studies documenting a relationship between physical fitness and psychologic functioning, few have employed the type of experimental design that would allow conclusions to be drawn regarding cause and effect. In the present study, college students were randomly assigned to a cardiovascular conditioning program or to a(More)
One of the main techniques for recognizing individuals in avian field research is marking birds with plastic and metal leg rings. However, in some species individuals may react negatively to rings, causing leg injuries and, in extreme cases, the loss of a foot or limb. Here, we report problems that arise from ringing and illustrate solutions based on field(More)
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