Mary Anne Bishop

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Due to limited interaction of migratory birds between Eurasia and America, two independent avian influenza virus (AIV) gene pools have evolved. There is evidence of low frequency reassortment between these regions, which has major implications in global AIV dynamics. Indeed, all currently circulating lineages of the PB1 and PA segments in North America are(More)
—We combined radiotelemetry, plasma metabolite analyses, and macro-invertebrate prey sampling to investigate variation in putative fatt ening rates (estimated as plasma triglyceride levels) at the fl yway scale in Western Sandpipers (Calidris mauri) migrating between Punta Banda, Mexico (31°N), and Hartney Bay, Alaska (60°N), a distance of 4,240 km. Birds(More)
As modern fishery assessments change in an effort to be more accurate and encompass the range of potential ecosystem interactions, critical information on the ecology of species including life history, intra and inter-specific competitive interactions and habitat requirements must be added to the standard fishery-dependent and independent data sets. One(More)
Newly formed rat incisor enamel was fixed aqueously by perfusion with glutaraldehyde and anhydrously by immersion in ethylene glycol. Ultrathin sections were studied using transmission electron microscopy and electron diffraction. Aqueously processed enamel was shown to lose its mineral content when sectioned on distilled water. This mineral loss was(More)
Although the rat incisor is used widely in the study of dentinogenesis there is little information on the pulp capillaries and the fate of the pulp contents incisally. The capillaries have now been described in relation to the life cycle of the odontoblasts using light microscopy on perfusion fixed teeth and SEM on pulp vascular casts. Odontoblast(More)
Loss and/or degradation of nearshore habitats have led to increased efforts to restore or enhance many of these habitats, particularly those that are deemed essential for marine fishes. Copper rockfish (Sebastes caurinus) and lingcod (Ophiodon enlongatus) are dominant members of the typical reef fish community that inhabit rocky and high-relief substrates(More)
BACKGROUND Geolocators are useful for tracking movements of long-distance migrants, but potential negative effects on birds have not been well studied. We tested for effects of geolocators (0.8-2.0 g total, representing 0.1-3.9 % of mean body mass) on 16 species of migratory shorebirds, including five species with 2-4 subspecies each for a total of 23 study(More)
The Copper River Delta, Alaska is the largest contiguous coastal wetland system along the West Coast of North America. Vast expanses of tidal mud flats formed by sediments carried by the suspended load of the Copper River serve as a connection between the Gulf of Alaska and the extensive network of wetlands, rivers and sloughs of the delta system. In(More)
The relative roles of capillaries and odontoblasts in the process of dentinogenesis and in pulp reactions to trauma and pathology are not clear. Contributing to the problem is the paucity of information on odontoblast —capillary relationships and tight junctions between odontoblasts. Using light microscopy the capillaries have now been examined in semithin(More)