Mary Ann Stark

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Although breastfeeding is known to be beneficial to both mother and infant, many women encounter barriers to breastfeeding, even after successful breastfeeding initiation, which may put them at greater risk for early cessation of breastfeeding. The objectives of this study were to conduct a secondary analysis of data from a longitudinal study of postpartum(More)
Euthanasia is, and probably will remain a controversial issue. Although many doctors will agree that under certain circumstances a demand for euthanasia should be granted (and in fact often is granted when the occasion arises), the subject generally gives rise to very emotional debates. Attempts to decriminalize euthanasia generally fail, and this contrasts(More)
While learning to care for others, undergraduate nursing students often fail to care for themselves. This study examined the effect of a self-care intervention on undergraduate nursing students. Self-care is the practice of health-related activities in which individuals engage to adopt a healthier lifestyle. A pretest-posttest, single group design was used(More)
The purpose of this quasi-experimental pretest-posttest study was to test whether regularly spending time in the natural environment would improve concentration for women in the third trimester of pregnancy, a time when women rely on their ability to concentrate in order to prepare for birth and parenting. Several measures requiring concentration were(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between maternal perceived stress and health-promoting self-care behaviors in women experiencing high-risk pregnancies. DESIGN Descriptive correlational. SAMPLE Women (N=69) who had a complication in pregnancy that required referral to a perinatologist at a tertiary care center and ere(More)
Nutritional challenges are particularly relevant to women. Almost 62% of women are overweight; of these women, 33% are obese. The incidence of obesity is even greater in non-Hispanic Black and Mexican American women. Women who are overweight or obese experience a greater number of adverse health outcomes, including an increased incidence of cardiovascular(More)
The objective of this study was to understand the experience of a pregnant woman with needle phobia and examine its impact on her antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum experience. A case study format was employed. A 21-year-old primiparous woman with diagnosed needle phobia was interviewed, and her prenatal and delivery records were reviewed. Three tasks(More)
Labor support is known to support progress of normal labor. Nurses are encouraged to provide labor support yet may encounter barriers to the practice of labor support. The purpose of this secondary data analysis was to examine individual and institutional factors associated with labor support behaviors. Age and experience were individual factors related to(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the ability to direct attention in women having a high-risk pregnancy with those having an uncomplicated pregnancy. DESIGN Descriptive comparative. SETTING A tertiary-care hospital. PARTICIPANTS Women in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy receiving care from perinatologists were recruited for this study and comprised the high-risk(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe and describe the positions and movements women choose while immersed in water during the first stage of labor. DESIGN Descriptive, observational pilot study. SETTING A rural community hospital that provided hydrotherapy in labor. PARTICIPANTS Women (N = 7) who intended to use hydrotherapy in labor were recruited prenatally from a(More)