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Monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) are potential therapeutic agents against Bacillus anthracis toxins, since there is no current treatment to counteract the detrimental effects of toxemia. In hopes of isolating new protective MAbs to the toxin component lethal factor (LF), we used a strain of mice (C57BL/6) that had not been used in previous studies, generating(More)
Variation of surface antigen expression is a mechanism used by microbes to adapt to and persist within their host habitats. Helicobacter pylori, a persistent bacterial colonizer of the human stomach, can alter its surface Lewis (Le) antigen expression. We examined H. pylori colonization in mice to test the hypothesis that host phenotype selects for H.(More)
A Message from the Editors Happy Summer! Thank you for your continued interest in MInews, and for all of your kind words. Please continue to send your news and story ideas to MInews@einstein.yu.edu at any time throughout the year. News from the Chair Forchheimer Renovations. I am happy to report the completion of the Forchheimer 4 th floor space renovations(More)
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