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" Here's the path-breaking research that convinced the huge University of California system to implement the best package of family-friendly policies anywhere. Want to retain women in academia? Read this book. Hastings " Do Babies Matter is data rich, empirically sound, and full of practical application. The authors' life course perspective is one that is(More)
Presents information on the effect of family formation on the lifelong careers of academic men and women in the U.S. Details on the increase in women's participation in graduate education; Underrepresentation of women; Theories that attempted to explain the persistent gaps in the tenure and salary of men and women; Percentage of married women with children(More)
When I first became the Dean of the Graduate Division at Berkeley last year, I had an extraordinary experience. Fifty-one percent of the 2,500 new graduate students whom I welcomed were women. Thirty-five years ago that number would have been closer to 10%. The students I welcomed included not only doctoral students, but also graduate students seeking(More)
Federal investigators of Title IX, the law that forbids sexual discrimination in education, have only recently discovered that there may be a problem for women in science. The New York Times revisited the issue this summer and found that, "So far, these Title IX compliance reviews haven't had much visible impact on campuses beyond inspiring a few complaints(More)
Pregnancy discrimination is a little known area covered by Title IX. According to the Title IX regulations, areas of prohibited discrimination include: admissions; hiring; coursework accommodations and completion; pregnancy leave policies and status protection upon return from leave; and health insurance coverage. These regulations will soon get more(More)
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