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The covariance between blood and brain alcohol levels and subjective reports of mood were examined in 6 healthy adult men after consumption of 0.7 g/kg of beverage alcohol. There was significant (p less than 0.01) temporal concordance between ascending and peak blood alcohol levels and regional brain alcohol levels as measured by in vivo proton Magnetic(More)
BACKGROUND Sustainable international surgery expertise is more frequently being discussed in the US surgical community. At the resident level, there is discussion about incorporating international experience into residency training, but current opportunities for residents are limited and often require personal funding and use of vacation time. This study(More)
BACKGROUND The number of US medical students applying for general surgery residency has been declining. Recent studies have shown that the issue of "controllable lifestyle" has become a critical factor in medical students' decision-making process. We postulate that widespread implementation of resident work hour limitations would bolster medical students'(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Adult laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication has been steadily growing since its introduction to the United States in the 1990s. Its advantage over the traditional open approach is manifold. Application of laparoscopic fundoplication to children is slowly but surely following this trend. This study evaluates our initial experience with(More)
BACKGROUND Physician communication skills, linked to important patient outcomes, are rarely formally addressed after the pre-clinical years of medical school. We implemented a new communication skills curriculum during the third year Surgery Clerkship which was part of a larger curriculum revision found in a controlled trial to significantly improve(More)
n engl j med 369;12 nejm.org september 19, 2013 1085 Over the past several decades, major changes have caused the medical community to reconsider current educational models. These changes include increasing education costs, shifts in health care needs, the demographics of the applicant pool, and many scientific, pharmacologic, and technological advances(More)
In the decade spanning 1983 through 1992, 68 people were killed by firearms while hunting in North Carolina (average of 1.66 fatalities/100,000 licenses issued). Of these, 58 deaths involved two parties, a shooter and a victim. In 22% of the incidents the victims were mistaken for game. During the 1987-1988 hunting season a "Hunter Orange" law was initially(More)
BACKGROUND Major changes in health care delivery and financing have negatively impacted students' experience during the surgery clerkship, particularly their exposure to physicians' decision-making processes and to the continuity of patient care. In response to these dilemmas in surgical education, we have developed the Web Initiative for Surgical Education(More)
INTRODUCTION Special concerns often arise when medical students are themselves the subjects of education research. A recently completed large, multi-center randomized controlled trial of computer-assisted learning modules for surgical clerks provided the opportunity to explore the perceived level of risk of studies where medical students serve as human(More)