Mary Ann Hirsch

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The reliability of assessment of Research Diagnostic Criteria and DSM-III axis I affective disorders in children and adolescents was studied using a semistructured diagnostic interview. The Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia (SADS) for School-Age Children (Kiddie SADS) Present Episode Version, an adaptation of the adult SADS for children was(More)
There is a wealth of technological alternatives that can be incorporated into a processor design. These include reservation station designs, functional unit duplication, and processor branch handlingstrategies. The performance of a given design is measured through the execution of application programs and other workloads. Presently, trace-driven simulation(More)
The design of the memory hierarchy is crucial to the performance of high performance computer systems. The incorporation of multiple levels of caches into the memory hierarchy is known to increase the performance of high end machines, but the development of architectural prototypes of various memory hierarchy designs is costly and time consuming. In this(More)
Profiling is a technique of gathering program statistics in order to aid program optimization. In particular, it is an essential component of compiler optimization for the extraction of instruction-level parallelism. Code instrumentation has been the most popular method of profiling. However, real-time, interactive, and transaction processing applications(More)
The authors describe the demographic and substance use characteristics of older adults (N=310) evaluated by a hospital-based substance abuse consultation service during a 6-year period and compares them to younger adults evaluated by the service. Older adults were more likely to use alcohol and less likely to be injection drug users and heroin, cocaine, or(More)
Ahlstrom, M.L. Cerutti, S. Geddes, L. A. Altman, K.W. Challis, R. Geselowitz, D. B. Andreassen, S. Childress, D.S. Giddens, D. P. Andrews, B. Clarke, J.A. Gielen, F. L. H. Arden, G.B. Coatrieux, J. Glanz, S. Arts, T. Cochrane, T. Grant, E. Aubert, A.E. Cobbold, R. S.C. Green, H. L. Aunon, J.I. Cohen, B.A. Greenough, A. Cooke, E.D. Griffith, D. J. Cooper, R.(More)
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