Mary Ann Head

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IT has long been known that Crotalaria plants when present in pastures can cause poisoning among livestock, resulting in pathological changes, especially in the liver and in the lungs. The disease of sheep and horses known as jagziekte in South Africa, and characterised by tumour-like proliferation of the bronchioles, has been claimed to be reproduced by(More)
Our earlier studies had suggested a possible association between the HLA-A2 allele and Alzheimer's disease (AD). In the present study we tested the hypothesis that A2 is associated with earlier AD onset. We performed two independent studies: a collaborative study with 111 patients and a confirmatory study with 96 patients. We found similar patterns of(More)
COOK, Duffy and Schoental (1950) described the first experimental evideiice in support of the view that consumption of Senecio alkaloids may be an aetiological factor in the high incidence of primary liver carcinoma among the African negroes. In a series of 11 rats, these workers observed primary liver tumours in the 3 males which survived longer than 8(More)
Granulomatous lesions of the stomach, peritoneum, and lungs caused by an unidentified foreign body have been described at intervals for the past 30 years. Muir (1929) illustrates a nodule from the peritoneal cavity showing giant cell and macrophage reaction around a foreign body probably of vegetable origin. Barnard (1940) illustrates a foreign body(More)
BACKGROUND The requirement for a prospective crossmatch limits some organ allocation to local areas. The delay necessitated by the crossmatch restricts the distance across which offers can be made without unduly increasing the ischemia time. A collaborative study involving 14 transplant centers was undertaken by the Organ Procurement and Transplantation(More)
To determine if cardiac allograft outcome is improved among patients with fewer HLA-DR mismatches with their donors, we studied 132 recipients of a primary cardiac allograft who were transplanted between December 1985 and December 1991. These recipients and their donors all had high-confidence-level serological HLA-DR typing, previously shown to correlate(More)
Renal transplants have been performed at the University Hospital, Portland, OR since 1959. In the 5-year period between January 1997 and December 2001, 736 kidney-only transplants were performed at our institution. Living donor transplants comprise an increasing proportion of the transplants performed. Our patient and graft survival rates, both short- and(More)
WE have shown previously that various pathological liver changes, including malignant hepatoma with metastases can be produced in rats by intermittent administration of pyrrolizidine alkaloids throughout the life of the animals (Cook, Duffy and Schoental, 1950; Schoental, Head and Peacock, 1954; Schoental and Head,1955). In view of the difficulty of(More)
Detection and avoidance of donor-reactive antibodies in the sera of potential organ transplant recipients is key to a successful transplant outcome. Techniques of antibody detection that use flow cytometry are more sensitive than those that rely upon a visual determination of cytotoxicity. However, as conventionally performed, flow-cytometric crossmatches(More)