Mary Ann Boucher

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The feasibility and reliability of measuring sleep-related breathing disorders with a portable monitor (PM) were assessed in a heterogeneous population, consisting of 31 patients recruited from a sleep laboratory and pulmonary disease clinic, 16 participants in a genetic-epidemiologic study of sleep apnea, and four volunteers with no specific sleep(More)
Zoniporide, an inhibitor of the Na+-H+ exchanger-1, was administered by continuous intravenous infusion to rats and dogs for up to 1 month. In 1-month studies, histological and functional changes were observed in select portions of the peripheral nervous system; however, these findings were not detected in 2-week studies at similar or higher doses. In the(More)
The distribution of symptoms, physiologic responses, and upper airway structure in members of one family with three generations of subjects with sleep apnea (SA) is reported. Questionnaire data were obtained from ten family members (ages 7 to 66 years), overnight sleep studies were performed in nine subjects, and ventilatory responses to hyperoxic(More)
We encountered a case of apparent progressive femoral osteolysis around a well-fixed cementless implant in a young patient. At the time of revision arthroplasty, massive hemorrhaging occurred during exposure and attempted femoral component extraction. Urgent packing of the exposed endosteum with polymethyl methacrylate controlled the bone bleeding. Emergent(More)
BACKGROUND Insulin-like growth factor (IGF) signaling has been linked to tumor cell survival and tumorigenesis. The anti-IGF-1 receptor monoclonal antibody, figitumumab, has been developed as an anti-cancer therapeutic. As part of the safety evaluation, an embryo-fetal developmental toxicity study was conducted in the cynomolgus monkey. METHODS(More)
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