Mary A. Rowe

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We demonstrate a decoherence-free quantum memory of one qubit. By encoding the qubit into the decoherence-free subspace (DFS) of a pair of trapped 9Be+ ions, we protect the qubit from environment-induced dephasing that limits the storage time of a qubit composed of a single ion. We measured the storage time under ambient conditions and under interaction(More)
Using a single, harmonically trapped 9Be(+) ion, we experimentally demonstrate a technique for generation of arbitrary states of a two-level particle confined by a harmonic potential. Rather than engineering a single Hamiltonian that evolves the system to a desired final state, we implement a technique that applies a sequence of simple operations to(More)
We review recent experiments on entanglement, Bell's inequality , and decoherence-free subspaces in a quantum register of trapped 9 Be + ions. We have demonstrated entangle-ment of up to four ions [1] using the technique of Mølmer and Sørensen [2]. This method produces the state (|↑↑+|↓↓)/ √ 2 for two ions and the state (| ↓↓↓↓ + | ↑↑↑↑)/ √ 2 for four ions.(More)
The quantum monty hall problem, (5) 355 H. de Riedmatten, Creating high-dimensional time-bin entanglement using mode-locked lasers, (6) 425 B. DeMarco, see M.A. Rowe W. Duer, Equivalence classes of non-local unitary operations (3) 240 S. van Enk (I), On the classical character of control fields in …, (1) 1 S. van Enk (II), The quantum state of a laser(More)
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