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BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS Inadvertent injection of contrast agent into the pancreatic duct is believed to be an important contributor to pancreatitis occurring after endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (post-ERCP pancreatitis, PEP). Our aim was to examine whether primary deep biliary cannulation with a guide wire is associated with a lower rate(More)
The method of electron dense degeneration has been used to make a quantitative study of the projection from the habenula through the fasciculus retroflexus (FR) to the interpeduncular nucleus (IPN) in the rat. The IPN si a midline structure onto which the right and left fasciculi converge. In the rostral part of the IPN the fascicular axons from each side(More)
DNA synthesis in skeletal muscle increases dramatically during the first week after denervation. In the present study, we have characterized the dividing cells in order to assess the specificity and significance of this response to denervation. Autoradiography of [3H]thymidine-labeled denervated muscles revealed that many classes of cells were dividing,(More)
The effects of denervation on skeletal muscle fibers have been intensively investigated, but the effects on other cell types within muscle tissue are not well understood. In the present experiments, cell proliferation was analyzed in mouse extensor digitorum longus muscles denervated for periods of one day to six weeks. Incorporation of tritiated thymidine(More)
Children and adolescents with poorly controlled type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) are at risk for decreased bone mass. Growth hormone (GH) and its mediator, IGF-1, promote skeletal growth. Recent observations have suggested that children and adolescents with T1DM are at risk for decreased bone mineral acquisition. We examined the relationships between(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that poorer adherence to diabetes care is related to four variables associated with self-concept in adolescents with diabetes: self-esteem, self-efficacy, depression, and binging behavior. In addition, we expected adolescent females to be less adherent to diabetes care. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We recruited 193(More)
The endocrine effects of drugs on two groups of 12 male sexual offenders in a special hospital were studied. In the first study benperidol, chlorpromazine and placebo were compared and in the second ethynyl oestradiol and cyproterone acetate were compared with no treatment. In the first study there was no difference between the three drugs in their effects(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether bone characteristics in adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM) are influenced by blood glucose regulation and disease duration. The subjects were adolescents with type 1 DM (n=55) recruited from the University of Utah's Primary Children's Pediatric Diabetes Treatment Center. A reference database consisting of 95(More)
1. Tested against the spontaneous tone of guinea-pig isolated trachealis, cromakalim (0.1-100 microM), isoprenaline (1 nM-1 microM) and theophylline (1 microM-1 mM) each produced concentration-dependent relaxation. 2. Glibenclamide (0.1-10 microM) did not itself alter the spontaneous tone of the trachea nor did it modify the relaxant actions of isoprenaline(More)