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Rather than bound to one culture, fallen fontanelle has been labeled as an illness or recognized as a symptom through time and space. The condition may be called siriasus, sitibundum, fontanellae collapsus, el apostema cálido del cerebro, Blatfallen, Blattschiessen, entzündung des Gehirns und der Gehirnhäute der Kleinen Kinder, coup de soleil, sorte de(More)
Management strategies that minimize P transfer from agricultural land to water bodies are based on relationships between P concentrations in soil and runoff. This study evaluated such relationships for surface runoff generated by simulated sprinkler irrigation onto calcareous arable soils of the semiarid western United States. Irrigation was applied at 70(More)
This paper presents a novel methodology for systematically designing a fault detection, isolation, and identification algorithm for nonlinear systems with known model structure but uncertainty in parameters. The proposed fault diagnosis methodology does not require historical operational data and/or a priori fault information in order to achieve accurate(More)
Colloidal particles in runoff may have an important role in P transfer from soils to waterbodies, but remain poorly understood. We investigated colloidal molybdate-reactive phosphorus (MRP) in surface runoff and water extracts of calcareous arable soils from the semiarid western United States. Colloidal MRP was determined by ultrafiltration and(More)
There is no question that the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in 2011, after the 9.0magnitude earthquake that shook Japan and the subsequent tsunami, had a major impact not only on the safety of the people and the environment surrounding the site, but also on Japanese economy due to the affectation on the energy and agriculture(More)