Mary A. Edson

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Adriamycin (ADM) was chemically coupled to two monoclonal anti bodies (MAb) expressed on human B-cell lymphomas. Immunoconju gates were prepared by linking to the MAb an ADM derivative, Adria mycin 13-|3-(2-pyridy)dithio)propionyl]hydrazone (ADM-HZN), which releases ADM under mild acidic conditions (see preceding article). The (ADM-HZN) conjugates were(More)
Adriamycin hydrazone (ADM-Hzn) immunoconjugates have previously been shown to exhibit antibody-directed antitumor activity in vitro and in vivo. In this report, the biological and biochemical properties of the mAb and linker were investigated. Conjugates prepared with two antibodies 5E9 [anti-(transferrin receptor)] and G28.1 (anti-CD37), (which internalize(More)
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