Marx G. van der Linden

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Variations of arginine codon usage between organisms may have important implications to thermostability. The preferential usage of AGR codons for arginine in thermophiles and hyperthermophiles implies positive error minimization, contributing to avoid mutations that could harm protein thermostability. This bias is not a mere consequence of increased G + C(More)
Thermo-search is an online web tool for the analysis of proteomes and individual proteins according to the ratio of two couplets of preferred and avoided amino acids in hyperthermophiles, thermophiles and mesophiles. It displays the ratio between glutamic acid plus lysine (E+K) and glutamine plus histidine (Q+H), which is higher in thermophilic proteomes(More)
MOTIVATION It has been recently suggested that atomic burials, as expressed by molecular central distances, contain sufficient information to determine the tertiary structure of small globular proteins. A possible approach to structural determination from sequence could therefore involve a sequence-to-burial intermediate prediction step whose accuracy,(More)
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