Marwane Ayaida

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—In this paper, we propose a combination between a routing protocol Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing (GPSR) and Hierarchical Location Service (HLS) that we denote Hybrid Hierarchical Location Service (HHLS). HLS and GPSR used to be combined in the original work with a direct method, i.e. GPRS takes care of routing packets and HLS is called to get the(More)
Treating roads in winter (snow removal for example) is an important service that facilitates people's movement and increases the pavement's life. However, these treatments can be very expensive and inefficient if they are not properly scheduled. For this purpose, a complete view of the pavement's state is often essential for the management and the(More)
Greedy routing in VANETs requires some geographical informations, such as the source location and the destination location. The first one could be obtained using some localization devices like GPS receiver. However, the second one is provided by a location service. This later has a high overhead especially if it is implemented over V2V (vehicle to vehicle)(More)