Marwan Sadek

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OBJECTIVE To present a new method of identifying the anatomy of posterior urethral distraction defects (PUDDs) using three-dimensional spiral computed tomography/cysto-urethrography (CTCUG), as conventional two-dimensional CUG can give a false interpretation of the exact anatomy. PATIENTS AND METHODS Twenty-one patients presenting with a PUDD were(More)
A 60-year-old male presented with chronic atrial fibrillation. A trans-femoral catheter ablation was planned. The catheter was impacted in the left atrial wall (Fig. 1). Consequently, the procedure was interrupted before achieving resynchronisation. Catheter withdrawal was only possible after median sternotomy and closed manipulation of the catheter to(More)
Ground vibrations generated by heavy trucks and buses are a common source of environmental problem. They can reach levels that may cause nuisance to residents, damage to near-by structures, and perturbation in the functioning of sensitive equipment. These vibrations are produced mainly when the vehicle wheel’s pass over a speed reducer such as a road hump(More)
The aim of this work is to analyze the slopes stability under seismic loading in Lebanon using a global numerical dynamic approach. This approach allows taking into account important parameters that are generally ignored in simplified engineering methods as the soil deformability and frequency content of seismic input. Such parameters are critical in(More)
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