Marwan R. Abdulaal

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OBJECTIVES To investigate tobacco use, beliefs and attitudes among medical students in Syria. METHODS A cross-sectional study of a random sample of 570 medical students (first and fifth year) registered at the Damascus University Faculty of Medicine in 2006-2007. We used a self-administered questionnaire for demo-graphic information, smoking behaviour(More)
Chronic postoperative endophthalmitis (CPE) is a delayed infectious intraocular inflammation process that occurs more than six weeks after ocular surgery and frequently masquerades as autoimmune uveitis. These cases are at risk of delayed diagnosis and erroneous long-term treatment with corticosteroids. This paper aims to review the epidemiology,(More)
BACKGROUND The incidence of primary congenital glaucoma (PCG) varies among geographic regions and ethnic groups. The frequency of PCG in Lebanon and identification of disease-causing mutations have not been studied previously. PURPOSE To investigate the role of Cytochrome P1B1 (CYP1B1) gene and Myocillin (MYOC) gene mutations in PCG in the Lebanese(More)
PURPOSE To explore the benefit of rapid induction with intravitreal bevacizumab for neovascular age-related macular degeneration (AMD). DESIGN Single-institution prospective randomized pilot study. METHODS Patients with treatment-naïve neovascular AMD were randomized 1:1:1 into 1 of 3 groups based on the induction sequence: (1) every 2 weeks for 3(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the short-term efficacy of intravitreal adalimumab (IVA) for the treatment of eyes with active noninfectious uveitis. METHODS Consecutive eyes with active noninfectious uveitis were injected with IVA at 0, 2, then every 4 weeks for total of 26 weeks. RESULTS Six out of 7 patients (12 of 13 eyes) completed 26 weeks of treatment. One(More)
BACKGROUND Glaucoma is one of the leading largely preventable causes of blindness in the world. It usually is addressed first medically with topical intraocular pressure-lowering drops or by laser trabeculoplasty. In cases where such treatment fails, glaucoma-filtering surgery is considered, most commonly trabeculectomy surgery with variations in technique,(More)
Uveitis is a vision threatening inflammation of the eye that carries considerable morbidity. It is responsible for 10% of legal blindness in the United States and up to 25% in the developing world. Uveitis in patients more than 60 years of age is less common. The aging body has a changing response of the immune system, which might reflect a different(More)
PURPOSE To assess the efficacy and safety of early one-step transepithelial photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) with mitomycin C as treatment for buttonhole formation during LASIK. METHODS Eight patients who developed a buttonhole during LASIK with mechanical or femtosecond flap creation underwent one-step transepithelial PRK a few days after the formation(More)
Cyclovertical muscle palsies are very common. We propose rules that help clinicians and resident physicians diagnose easily the affected muscle. We simplified evaluation of the deviation by measuring it only in the cardinal directions of gaze and omit the oblique fields of gaze. Then the Beilschowsky forced head tilt test is done routinely along with(More)
Congenital fibrosis of the extraocular muscles is a rare hereditary strabismus disorder. A case of congenital fibrosis of the inferior rectus muscles with severe chin-up posture and bilateral limitation of up gaze is reported. Bilateral large recessions of the tight inferior rectus muscles provided only partial improvement. Residual head posture and(More)