Marwan Kanaan

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Mass vaccination programmes aim to maintain the effective reproduction number R of an infection below unity. We describe methods for monitoring the value of R using surveillance data. The models are based on branching processes in which R is identified with the offspring mean. We derive unconditional likelihoods for the offspring mean using data on outbreak(More)
Mathematical modelling is an established tool for planning and monitoring vaccination programmes. However, the matrices describing contact rates are based on subjective choices, which have a large impact on results. This paper reviews published models and obtains prior model probabilities based on publication frequency and expert opinion. Using serological(More)
In this paper we propose an algorithm that generates reduced-order time-domain macromodels of nonlinear circuits. The reduction technique is done in two steps. In the first step, proper orthogonal decomposition is used to reduce the size of the nonlinear differential algebraic equations describing the circuit. In the second step, feedforward neural networks(More)
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