Marwan Iskandar

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OBJECTIVE A novel walk test is proposed to assess the ability of elderly subjects to sustain a submaximal effort in ecological surroundings. Vo(2) uptake during this test was compared with that of a six-minute walk test and maximal exercise test. DESIGN Descriptive laboratory study. SETTING Rehabilitation department, Dijon University Hospital. (More)
Cystic fibrosis (CF) is characterized by malnutrition, chronic pulmonary inflammation, and oxidative stress. Whey protein is rich in sulfhydryl groups and is recognized for its ability to increase glutathione and reduce oxidative stress. Previously, we have shown that supplementation with whey increased intracellular glutathione levels in patients with CF.(More)
In developing and testing an operational model for the integration of reproductive tract infection/sexually transmitted disease (RTI/STD) management into existing family planning (FP) services in Indonesia, this study allowed for assessment of disease prevalence and evaluation of diagnostic methods for detection of endocervicitis caused by chlamydial(More)
In Indonesia, nearly all women begin breastfeeding (BF); less than 4% of children are not breast fed. The median duration of BF is 17.3 months in urban areas, and 23.1 months in rural areas. An analysis of factors influencing the start and length of BF, based on data from the National Indonesia Contraceptive Prevalence Survey, reveals the importance of(More)
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