Marwan Alakhras

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The power of fuzzy systems was approved in overcoming uncertainties and identifying ambiguities. Localization in wireless environments is found to have many uncertainties. In this paper a multivariable fuzzy inference system is combined with multi-nearest neighbor algorithm to estimate location of an object in an indoor wireless local area network. The(More)
The emergence of wireless sensor network as has raised the need for cheap wireless indoor localization technique This paper considers the problem of fingerprinting indoor localization based on signal strength measurements RSS. A new approach based on Fuzzy logic has been put forward. The proposal makes use of k-nearest neighbor classification in signal(More)
1.VoIP - An Introduction a.Packet switching vs. circuit switching b.Motivations and advantages c.Possible applications 2.VoIP - technologies a.VoIP and TCP / IP Protocol Suite b.VoIP signalling protocols i. H.323 ii. SIP iii. SDP iv. RTP / RTCP c.Resource Reservation Protocols 3.Challenges of Voice over IP a.Before VoIP session b.After VoIP session c.During(More)
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