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We studied normal hand strength and the difference between dominant and nondominant hands. Two hundred fourteen volunteers were tested with a calibrated Jamar dynamometer at all five levels. A pinch gauge was used to assess key and pulp pinch. Height, weight, sex, hand dominance, and hobby demands were predictive of maximum grip. Mean maximum grip for women(More)
Twenty-four patients (24 wrists) with ulnar impaction syndrome underwent ulnar shortening osteotomy. They were reviewed retrospectively to evaluate a technique using the AO small distractor and 2.7-mm dynamic compression plate. A transverse osteotomy using an external compression device and compression plating was performed in all cases. The average(More)
Each of 480 extremities from 120 cadavers was dissected. Particular attention was given to potential donors for tendon grafts. Both the palmaris longus and the extensor digiti minimi had an average length of 16 cm and an average width of 3 mm. The extensor indicis tendon averaged 13 cm in length and 3 mm in width. The plantaris and second toe extensors(More)
The amplitude of gliding of the flexor tendons was measured in 36 hands tagged intraoperatively with buried wire sutures. Finger and wrist position was correlated with tendon excursion as measured on radiographs in the postoperative period. With the wrist in the neutral position, the superficialis tendon achieved an excursion of 24 mm and the profundus(More)
In a review of 160 mallet fingers, forty-four were found to have a fracture of the distal phalanx. Of these mallet fractures, twenty-one could be followed for a mean of 3.25 years (range, six months to eight years). Six had been treated surgically and fifteen had simply been splinted. Of these twenty-one mallet fractures, all but one had a good result(More)
  • M A Wehbé
  • 1987
An exercise program for tendon gliding is introduced for use in hand treatment and rehabilitation. The program incorporates thumb range of motion and three basic fist positions: book, fist, and straight fist. The anatomic and experimental basis of this program is discussed. The exercises allow the flexor tendons to glide to their maximum potential and can(More)