Marwah Alian

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While confirming previous results that the bladder of adult female rats is devoid of intramural neurons, we show that during postnatal development some intramural neurons are present. There is about 200 of them per bladder at birth, and their number progressively decreases during post-natal life. In this strain of rats some neurons are still present at 12(More)
The main challenge of e-learning systems is to provide courses tailored to different students with different learning rate and knowledge degree. Such systems must be also efficient, as well as adaptive. However, the most recent researches can be classified in to two major groups. The first group emphasizes the need for E-learning to be adaptive. While the(More)
Cleansing data of errors is an important processing step particularly when integrating heterogeneous data sources. Dirty data files are prevalent in data warehouses because of incorrect or missing data values, inconsistent attribute naming conventions or incomplete information. This paper improves the data cleansing ordinal association rules technique by(More)
Learners style is grouped into four types mainly; Visual, auditory, kinesthetic and Read/Write. Each type of learners learns primarily through one of the main receiving senses, visual, listening, or by doing. Learner style has an effect on the learning process and learner’s achievement. It is better to select suitable learning tool for the learner according(More)
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