Marwa N. Samhoun

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1. The effect of removing the epithelium on the responses of the guinea-pig isolated trachea (GPT) to bradykinin (BK) and prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) was investigated. 2. BK (3 pmol-10 nmol) induced dose-related relaxations of the intact (with epithelium), and contracted the rubbed (without epithelium) preparation of GPT. Similar responses were also obtained(More)
The biological actions of pure slow-reacting substance of anaphylaxis (SRS-A) from guinea-pig lung, pure slow-reacting substance (SRS) from rat basophilic leukaemia cells (RBL-1) and synthetic leukotrienes C4 (LTC4) and D4 (LTD4) have been investigated on lung tissue from guinea pig, rabbit and rat. In the guinea pig, the leukotrienes released(More)
1 Leukotriene C4 (LTC4), LTD4, slow-reacting substance of anaphylaxis (SRS-A) (from guinea-pig lung), bradykinin (Bk) and arachidonic acid (AA) release thromboxane A2 (TxA2) and prostaglandin-like materials from guinea-pig isolated perfused lungs. 2 Release of TxA2 induced by LTC4 and LTD4 is inhibited by a thromboxane synthetase inhibitor, imidazole (2.9(More)
Actions of leukotrienes (LTs) B4, C4, D4 and E4 were found to be largely mediated via formation of cyclo-oxygenase products in guinea-pig isolated perfused lung and parenchymal strips. In contrast, LTs exerted a direct contractile effect on human isolated parenchymal and bronchial strips. An LT-like substance which had similar biological actions to LTD4 was(More)
Slow Reacting Substances have been produced from RBL-l cells by calcium ionophore A23187 and purified to homogeneity by high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). The structure of the major biologically active species has been determined by mass spectrometric examination of the intact molecule as a derivative, together with amino-acid analysis and sequence(More)
We have recently described the structure elucidation of slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis S(SRS-A) from lung and of a slow reacting substance (SRS) from basophilic leukaemia cells as 5-hydroxy-6-cysteinylglycinyl-7,9,11,14-eicosatetraenoic acid. The stereochemistry of this molecule has now been shown to be 5(S)-hydroxy-(More)
1. The effect of vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) was studied on the contractile response of guinea-pig lung parenchymal strips (GPP) induced by bronchoconstrictor agonists, such as leukotriene D4 (LTD4), histamine and acetylcholine (ACh). This effect of VIP was compared with helodermin, a peptide that is structurally related to VIP, and galanin, another(More)
Slow reacting substances (leukotrienes C4, D4, E4) are synthesized in vivo by a combination of two previously unrelated pathways: lipoxygenase oxygenation of arachidonic acid and the glutathione detoxification pathway. Enzymes involved in the latter pathway (glutathione transferase [RX: glutathione R-transferase, EC]; gamma-glutamyltransferase(More)