Marwa M Saleh

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Several authors have recently demonstrated the intimate relationship between nonlinear dynamics and observations in vocal fold vibration (Herzel, 1993; Mende, Herzel, & Wermke, 1990; Titze, Baken, & Herzel, 1993). The aim of this paper is to analyze vocal disorders from a nonlinear dynamics point of view. Basic concepts and analysis techniques from(More)
We previously demonstrated that prenatal alcohol exposure results in brain defects at different embryonic stages. This study is aimed at characterizing the influence of prenatal alcohol exposure on the levels of several neurotransmitters at early embryonic stage 13 (E13). Pregnant C57BL/6 mice were exposed to either a 25% ethanol derived calorie diet (ALC)(More)
Functional dysphonia is a term applied to voice disorders for which there is an absence of apparent structural change in the larynx. The aim of this work was to investigate how functional dysphonia may differ acoustically from other types of dysphonia. Fundamental frequency profiles for steady vowels were generated using a software program called GLIMPES(More)
Phonological development is a dynamic process that operates on three levels: universal development, specific language development, and specific child development. An intricate relationship between the three factors delineates the course of acquisition of each child's phonemic inventory. This study is designed to investigate the phonemic inventory and the(More)
We propose an algorithm for solving stochastic nonlinear ordinary differential equations with random coefficients. This algorithm is based on stochastic linearization and solution of the linearized equation by stochastic finite element method. The deterministic coefficient of the nonlinear term is divided into n levels and the coefficient of the(More)
The /r/ phoneme is variable in manner and place of articulation, and difficult to correct worldwide. Variability could exist within the same language. The objective of this study was to determine whether Egyptian Cairene /r/ was a trill or a tap and, if both forms were present, whether they were affected by word position or adjacent vowels/consonants. The(More)
OBJECTIVES The verbal abilities of autistic children differ from those of typically developing ones and they also differ among autistic children themselves. Neuroanatomical changes and an abnormal organization of functional networks are expected to accompany such a neurodevelopmental disorder. The aim of this study was to delineate the brain neuroanatomical(More)
The differentiation between wild type of Parachlorella kessleri and its mutant strains PC Mut2, PC Mut4 by using the Multi-functional Plant Efficiency Analyzer (М-РЕА-2) was studied. Mutant algal cells of P. kessleri have been obtained by UV-C during 3 and 10 min respectively. Light-induced kinetics of prompt fluorescence (OJIP transients), delayed(More)
More than 15 million non-nationals are currently living and working in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states. The majority are blue-collar or domestic workers coming from the Indian Subcontinent or South East Asia. They often work under very harsh conditions. There are reports of a high rate of psychosis and suicide among these people but no reliable data(More)