Marwa M Sakr

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Abstract The hammer throw is one of the most attractive and complicated events of track and field. Researches still have hand in improving out about throwers performance by online and offline motion analysis methods for biomechanical deep insight. The current study involved two parts: The First was emanated from the concept of transferring kinetic energy(More)
Two new ion-selective electrodes of the plastic membrane type for the determination of Tolterodine (Tol) were prepared. These electrodes depend on the incorporation of the ion-exchangers of the above mentioned drug with phosphotungestic acid (PTA) or Silicotungestic acid (STA) in a PVC matrix. A comparative study is made between the performance(More)
In this chapter, we review the experimental efforts that focus on the measurement of single-electron spins in two particular Si-based semiconductor nanostructure systems. First, we describe experiments in a real transistor structure (i.e., a submicrometer commercial Si field effect transistor) in which the source/drain channel is used to electrically detect(More)
The effects of the Ca-blocker nifedipine on the contractile response to K and NA in isolated human pulmonary vessels were studied. Specimens of macroscopically normal pulmonary vessels, obtained from patients undergoing surgery for lungtumours were carefully dissected and cut into rings. The results suggest that nifedipine, by blocking the entry of(More)
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