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The cdknlA gene encodes CDKN1A, a protein that regulates cell cycle progression, terminal differentiation, and apoptosis. Polymorphisms or loss of heterozygosity of this usually biallelically expressed gene have no major impact on carcinogenesis. The prevalence of somatic mutations in malignancies is low. Gene rearrangements involving cdknlA are scarce.(More)
Tissue oxygenation plays an important role in the pathophysiology of various diseases and is often a marker of prognosis and therapeutic response. EPR (ESR) is a suitable noninvasive oximetry technique. However, to reliably deploy soluble EPR probes as oxygen sensors in complex biological systems, there is still a need to investigate and improve their(More)
A hydrophilic tris(tetrachlorotriaryl)methyl (tetrachloro-TAM) radical labelled 50% with 13C at the central carbon atom was prepared. The mixture of isotopologue radicals was characterised by continuous wave and pulsed X-band electron paramagnetic spectroscopy (EPS). For the pharmaceutical and medical applications planned, the quantitative influence of(More)
BACKGROUND Fatigue is a common symptom in Family Medicine and it has many associated factors. The Arabian Gulf provides a unique setting for studying these factors, in particular the UAE where rapid development has been a prominent feature. OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to sample a group of GP attenders and examine the factors which were associated(More)
Oxygenation is one of the most important physiological parameters of biological systems. Low oxygen concentration (hypoxia) is associated with various pathophysiological processes in different organs. Hypoxia is of special importance in tumor therapy, causing poor response to treatment. Triaryl methyl (TAM) derivative radicals are commonly used in electron(More)
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