Marwa El Hefnawy

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Mobile communications has become one of the most developed technologies in the last two decades. Strong demand to increase system capacity is still growing dramatically and non-orthogonal transmission schemes are being considered as a potential solution to improve spectral-power efficiency. The non-orthogonal transmission scheme called Faster-Than-Nyquist(More)
Spectral shaping is applied to Faster-Than-Nyquist (FTN) signaling to improve information rates. Under a transmit power constraint, the best shape is an inverse filter but for root raised cosine pulses this requires infinite power at the shaper input. Both input and output power constraints at the shaper are thus proposed as a solution to maximize the(More)
Capacity computations are presented for Faster-Than-Nyquist (FTN) signaling in the presence of interference from neighboring frequency bands. It is shown that Shannon's sinc pulses maximize the spectral efficiency for a multi-access channel, where spectral efficiency is defined as the sum rate in bits per second per Hertz. Comparisons using root raised(More)
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