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and 10% in corn (Hilton et al., 1994). Fertilizer N losses due to surface runoff range between 1 and 13% In 2001, N fertilizer prices nearly doubled as a result of increased (Blevins et al., 1996; Chichester and Richardson, 1992). natural gas prices. This was further troubling when considering that the world N use efficiency (NUE) in cereal grain production(More)
season, while potentially costly, could significantly increase NUE. Current nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) of cereal crop production Recently, methods for estimating winter wheat N reis estimated to be near 33%, indicating that much of the applied quirements based on early season estimates of N uptake fertilizer N is not utilized by the plant and is(More)
Crop yield level and nitrogen (N) responsiveness influence the demand for fertilizer. If they were found to be unrelated, this would justify using a combination of both for determining fertilizer N requirements. Failure to understand the independence of crop response to N and yield level has led to confusion as to what theory is appropriate for making N(More)
This prospective clinical trial was designed to assess the impact of adjuvant chemotherapy in women with rapidly proliferating node-negative breast cancer. This group has been predicted to have a 5-year disease-free survival (DFS) of 70% without adjuvant chemotherapy. In this study, 449 women with rapidly proliferating breast cancer (91% measured by S-phase(More)
A new paradigm was developed to examine prospective memory performance in a visual-spatial task that resembles some aspects of the work of air traffic controllers. Two experiments examined the role of workload (number of aeroplanes that participants directed), delay (between receipt of prospective instructions and execution), and phonological rehearsal.(More)
In academia, our current strategies for teaching mechatronics in mechanical design curricula provide opportunity for improvement. We have undergone a revolution in evolving mechatronics content in our curricula from limited coursework in instrumentation to one or more courses in mechatronics. However, mechatronics or dynamic systems courses tend to use a(More)
Controller Area Network (CAN) defines a medium aeeess control protocol developed by Intel Corp. and Robert Bosch Gmbh. for use in automobiles rhai88]. In this paper, the authors further provide an analytical model for CAN. With this model, formulae for computing the maximum delay and the expeeted delay of each type of message are derived. These formulae can(More)
Controller Area Network (CAN) defines a very efficient medium access control protocol. This protocol solve conflict message transmission conflicts through message priorities, and results in a high channel utilization and short message delay for higher priority messages. An analytical model of the maximum message delay is presented. The maximum delay of(More)
Selection criteria that can facilitate grain yield improvement would be considered important plant breeding tools. We assessed the value of spectral refl ectance indices (SRI) as indirect selection tools for grain yield improvement in winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). The objectives of this study were to estimate genetic correlation between SRI and grain(More)
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