Marvin Parasram

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Employment of simple transition metal (TM = Co, Fe, Cu, Pd, Pt, Au)-based photocatalyst (PC) has led to the dramatic acceleration of known TM-catalyzed reactions, as well as to the discovery of unprecedented chemical transformations. Compared to the conventional cooperative/dual photocatalysis (type B), this new class of unconventional PCs operates via a(More)
A direct visible light-induced generation of a hybrid aryl Pd-radical species from aryl iodide and Pd(0) is reported to enable an unprecedented (for hybrid Pd-radical species) hydrogen atom-transfer event. This approach allowed for efficient desaturation of readily available silyl ethers into synthetically valuable silyl enols. Moreover, this oxidation(More)
A general, efficient, and site-selective visible light-induced Pd-catalyzed remote desaturation of aliphatic alcohols into valuable allylic, homoallylic, and bis-homoallylic alcohols has been developed. This transformation operates via a hybrid Pd-radical mechanism, which synergistically combines the favorable features of radical approaches, such as a(More)
Selective and efficient functionalization of ubiquitous C-H bonds is the Holy Grail of organic synthesis. Most advances in this area rely on employment of strongly or weakly coordinating directing groups (DGs) which have proven effective for transition-metal-catalyzed functionalization of C(sp2)-H and C(sp3)-H bonds. Although most directing groups are(More)
A palladium (Pd)-catalyzed endo-selective Heck reaction of iodomethylsilyl ethers of phenols and aliphatic alkenols has been developed. Mechanistic studies reveal that this silyl methyl Heck reaction operates via a hybrid Pd-radical process and that the silicon atom is crucial for the observed endo selectivity. The obtained allylic silyloxycycles were(More)
The first visible light-induced Pd-catalyzed Heck reaction of α-heteroatom substituted alkyl iodides and -bromides with vinyl arenes/heteroarenes has been developed. This transformation efficiently proceeds at room temperature and enables synthesis of valuable functionalized allylic systems, such as allylic silanes, boronates, germanes, stannanes,(More)
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