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The work toward attaining "artificial intelligence'' is the center of considerable computer research, design, and application. The field is in its starting transient, characterized by many varied and independent efforts. Marvin Minsky has been requested to draw this work together into a coherent summary, supplement it with appropriate explanatory or(More)
Terms and Conditions of Use provides, in part, that unless you have obtained prior permission, you may not download an entire issue of a journal or multiple copies of articles, and you may use content in the JSTOR archive only for your personal, non-commercial use. Each copy of any part of a JSTOR transmission must contain the same copyright notice that(More)
By a simple direct construction it is shown that computations done by Turing machines can be duplicated by a very simple symbol manipulation process. The process is described by a simple form of Post canonical system with some very strong restrictions. This system is <italic>monogenic</italic>: each formula (string of symbols) of the system can be affected(More)
Shannon. The original typescript consisted of 17 pages plus a title page. Copies of the typescript are housed in the archives at Dartmouth College and Stanford University. The first 5 papers state the proposal, and the remaining pages give qualifications and interests of the four who proposed the study. In the interest of brevity, this article reproduces(More)
ABSTRAct. Most theories of memory suggest that when we learn or Jtletriori~e something, some "representation" of that something is cons~ructedt stored and later retrieved. This raises questions like: How is information represented? How is it stored "1 ltow is it retrieved? Then, how is it used? This paper tries to deal with all these at once. When. you gpt(More)
To build a machine that has " common sense " was once a principal goal in the field of artificial intelligence. But most researchers in recent years have retreated from that ambitious aim. Instead, each developed some special technique that could deal with some class of problem well, but does poorly at almost everything else. We are convinced, however ,(More)
This paper is based on a theory being developed in collaboration with Seymour Papert [Note 1] in which we view the mind as an organized society of intercommunicating "agents". Each such agent is, by itself, very simple. The subject of this paper is how that simplicity affects communication between different parts of a single mind and, indirectly, how it may(More)