Marvin K. Simon

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This letter addresses the problem of energy detection of an unknown signal over a multipath channel. It starts with the no-diversity case, and presents some alternative closed-form expressions for the probability of detection to those recently reported in the literature. Detection capability is boosted by implementing both square-law combining and(More)
This paper introduces an improved nonlinear parallel interference cancellation scheme for code-division multiple access (CDMA) that significantly reduces the degrading effect on the desired user of interference from the other users that share the channel. The implementation complexity of the scheme is linear in the number of users and operates on the fact(More)
This book focuses on performance evaluation techniques for wireless systems in fading. It consists of five parts. The first part introduces system performance measures, types of fading encountered by wireless systems, and the basic types of communication (coherent, partially coherent, and noncoherent). The second part focuses on mathematical tools that are(More)
We present new exponential bounds for the Gaussian function (oneand two-dimensional) and its inverse, and for -ary phase-shift-keying (MPSK), -ary differential phase-shift-keying (MDPSK) error probabilities over additive white Gaussian noise channels. More precisely, the new bounds are in the form of the sum of exponential functions that, in the limit,(More)
Excellence (DESCANSO) was recently established for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) at the California Institute of Technol-ogy's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). DESCANSO is chartered to harness and promote excellence and innovation to meet the communications and navigation needs of future deep-space exploration. DESCANSO's vision is(More)