Marvin J. Pitts

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In this study, a novel approach to determine heating patterns using chemical marker (M-2) yield and computer vision was developed for packaged foods after microwave sterilization. Due to various constraints of temperature measurement devices such as fiber-optic temperature sensors, thermocouples, and infrared sensors, there is a need to develop an accurate(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the change in stiffness as evaluated by the dorsal bending moment of cervical vertebral specimens obtained from canine cadavers after internally stabilizing the vertebral motion unit (VMU) of C4 and C5 with a traditional pin-polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) fixation implant or a novel screw-bar-PMMA fixation implant. SAMPLE POPULATION(More)
THe beta-galactoside-binding lectin binds to glucosamine, mannosamine and galactosamine in addition to beta-galactoside, as determined by the inhibition of haemagglutination. Haemagglutination is further extended to examine the interaction of the binding sites for hexosamines and beta-galactosides, indicating that the binding of hexosamine and(More)
The effects of granules-inocula on the start-up of anaerobic reactors treating dairy manure were studied in a batch-fed reactor. The effects of start-up period and ratio of granules to feed were analyzed. Results indicated that the effects of start-up period could be described by Langmuir model, while the Extended Freundlich model could be used to model the(More)
A plant growth model developed by Volk and colleagues was modified to partition plant mass production after anthesis into grain and inedible biomass. Using data on wheat (Triticum aestivum) grown in the NASA CELSS Biomass Production Chamber to supply constants for the model, we showed that delaying the date of anthesis 7 days resulted in a 20% decrease in(More)
Cereal Chem. 88(4):391–396 The objective measurement of cereal endosperm texture, for wheat (Triticum spp. L.) in particular, is relevant to the milling, processing, and utilization of grain. The objective of this study was to evaluate the interlaboratory results of compression failure testing of wheat endosperm specimens of defined geometry.(More)
A computer simulation of a hydroponics-based plant growth chamber using ammonium to control pH was constructed to determine the feasibility of such a system. In nitrate-based recirculating hydroponics systems, the pH will increase as plants release hydroxide ions into the nutrient solution to maintain plant charge balance. Ammonium is an attractive(More)
A staining technique for differentiating starch granules and cell walls was developed for computer-assisted studies of starch granule distribution in cells of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) caryopses. Blocks of embedded caryopses were sectioned, exposing the endosperm tissue, and stained with iodine potassium iodide (IKI) and Calcofluor White. Excessive(More)